Pasta Extruder to produce short o long pasta. This machine can be ahead of a complete line of fresh pasta, pasteurized pasta or dry pasta.
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Production capacity: about 120 to 150 kg/h (depending on the type of raw material and the shape of pasta)

This machine has a single vat for pasta kneading and extrusion.

Dough basin capacity: 65kg (semolina + liquid)

Mixer/kneader/extruder press suitable for all shapes production. This extruder can be ahead of a complete line of fresh pasta or pasteurized pasta packaged under modified atmosphere, frozen pasta or dry pasta, with additional facilities, such as: pre-dryer, static dryers, pasteurizer, trabatto, packaging machine under modified atmosphere, for fresh pasta or simple packaging machine, for dry pasta.

The TECH-S120-150 press is entirely manufactured in stainless steel and it’s high reliable and well-made. It takes advantage of technological advances, especially regarding health and safety. All parts in contact with the dough, are easily removable for a quick and complete cleaning.


  • Electronic rotary cutter for short pasta
  • Water cooling device of extrusion tube
  • Pre-drying fan


  • Vacuum tank of extrusion
  • Screw variator
  • Cutter variator for long pasta
  • Refrigerated unit