Professional machines for pasta production

Technopast machines professionnelles pour la fabrication de pâtes

Equipment for the production of Pasta - Ravioli - Couscous - Brik pastry sheets - Crêpes - Biscuits - Flour mill

TECHNOPAST France has been working since 2003 on the agri-food sector.

The company is specialized since the beginning, in equipment intended for the manufacture of pasta and ravioli; we subsequently responded to requests for our Mexican subsidiary in 2005, then for the Algerian branch, since 2008, expanding our range with the machines and lines of production of biscuits, pancakes, brik pastry sheets, couscous and, finally, to the flour mill.

Today, Technopast, offers machines or production lines, which meet all the agri-food sector professionals:

Machines and lines for the production of dry pasta, fresh pasta and ravioli or gnocchi:

Semi automatic or automatic pasta sheeters, presses and extruders, ravioli machines, cutters, cappelletti machines, gnocchi machines, dryers, pre-dryers, pasteurisers, trabatto, drying tunnels, dies for the production of extruded pasta (pasta sheet, penne, fusili, spaghetti, tagliatelle, rechta, etc.), equipment for cooking pasta or temperature maintaining, as well as packaging machines adapted to each product category.

Couscous lines:

These lines are designed to work in continuous flow and take advantage from the most advanced technology, at all stages of manufacturing: calibration of the seed, recovery and recycling of waste, drying, storage, packaging, etc.

Crêpes and brik pastry sheets lines and machines:

Our small professional machines, only for crepes, are able to produce between 150 and 300 pancakes per hour, depending on the model.
The semi industrial lines, are composed of a pancakes machine with shape cylinder or carousel plates, which are able to make either pancakes or brik pastry sheets.
The industrial lines, with firing treadmills and electronic modulation of the diameter, etc., They can also make either pancakes or briks pastry sheets.

Biscuits machines and lines:

Lines for the manufacture of co-extruded biscuits, from 100 to 600 kg and plus or any kind of biscuits, with drying tunnels or ovens, as well as all the ancillary equipment: mixers, feeding system, depositors, etc.

Flour mills

Flour mills from 300 to 500 kg per hour or complete Milling lines, from 24 tons per day continuous, ideal to grind soft and durum wheat to obtain flour or semolina.