Machines for making pasta, ravioli, gnocchi

Professional And Industrial Equipments For Production Of Pasta, Ravioli, Couscous, Crepes, Bricks, Biscuits - Flour Mill Lines

Technopast, it's also pasta, ravioli or crepes equipments for catering, restaurants and small production units

Over the years, Technopast has acquired an expertise in processing of cereals and especially wheat.

Our equipment and production lines, gather all the needs of the various stakeholders in the agri-food sector, artisans, SMEs or manufacturers. Thanks to our milling division, we step in from the outset, with the production of the raw material, semolina and wheat flour or corn and our other divisions directly in the manufacture of products intended for consumption: machines for pasta, ravioli, gnocchi; production lines of pasta or couscous, machines and lines for pancakes and brik pastry sheets, machines and lines for biscuits.

In all these areas, Technopast strives to offer innovative and high-performance production tools in terms of hygiene, safety and convenience of use

Making pasta by extrusion

catering - restaurants - Small Pasta Production Units

Automatic crepes & bricks lines

Packaging Machines