Machine for rolling up a sheet of dough produced by an extruder into a roll

There are 2 types of winding machines:

- Winding machine that is fixed at the exit of the extrusion neck: it is equipped with a motorised conveyor, the speed of which is variable, so as to adapt it to the speed of the extrusion. This type of rewinder needs to be able to adapt to the extruder and is generally of the same brand as the latter

- Independent rewinder: it has its own structure and it is sufficient to connect the extruder lower part, without the need for a specific device for adaptation. This type of rewinder also allows greater flexibility in terms of web width.

These rewinders can be "single sheet" or "double sheet". If you want to feed a bending machine with two reels, the "double sheet" rewinder does not require a second rewinding of the reel, thus saving time.

Rewinder for feeding a ravioli machine or cutting machine

Enrouleur d’abaisse une feuille pour alimenter la raviolatrice
Enrouleur automatique d’abaisse pour alimentation d’une raviolatrice