Machine designed for the production of Farfalle (Bow ties) of different formats and colours
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Machine to produce Farfalle (bow ties) - TECH-F160 & TECH-F300

Machine for the production of Farfalle (bow ties) - TECH-F160 and TECH-F300

Machines for the production of Farfalle (bow ties), in different formats and colors.

These machines are intended for manufacturing of particular pasta shapes.

They work from a pastry dough, produced by a mill or extrusion. Then, this sheet of dough is cut by the machine, and each piece is pinch, in order to get a bow tie. These machines for farfalle or bow ties can also work with a sheet produced in co-extrusion, consisting of several strips of dough of different colors combined between them, so a multicolored pasta could be obtained, shaped as farfalle or bow ties.

  • Width of sheet: mm160 - mm300 and further
  • Hourly production: 30/40 Kg - 100/120 kg and further

Models 160mm and 300mm technical data:

  • Size: mm470x480x1290h - mm610x480x1290h
  • Weight: 150 Kg   -   225 kg
  • Power: 1 Kw   -   1,5 Kw