Ravioli machine to produce ravioli from 250 mm width, for different forms of ravioli in continuous alimentation.
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It is a semi-industrial ravioli machine, which fits the medium and large production units of pasta and fresh ravioli.

The moulds of different forms of ravioli, are easily interchangeable: with TECH-250RS, you can easily move from one shape to another.

THE TECH-250RS, works from 250 mm width and can be directly coupled to an automatic rolling mill of identical width. 

The machine can take in charge dozens of forms of Ravioli (including some original models such as fish, heart, etc.).

The TECH-250RS is fitted with devices that ensure the safety of the user. Getting familiar is very easy thanks to its well-engineered ergonomics.

All parts in contact with the dough or the stuffing, are completely removable, which simplifies the cleaning.

The cutting system for long pasta (tagliatelle in different widths or lasagna) exists as an option; those products are cut very precisely to the desired length, thanks to an electronic cutter equipped with a timer.

Production capacity: 120kg/h

Machine for the production of ravioli double sheet 250mm of width

Interchangeable mould: more than 50 formats of ravioli

Production of cut ravioli

Adjustment of the quantity of stuffing

Setting the thickness of the sheet.

Conveyor, for the release of the finished product



  • Cutting system for long pasta (Tagliatelle, Papardelle, Tagliolini, Lasagne, etc.), length adjustable.
  • Device for waste pasta recovery for recycling

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: mm800x900x1800h
  • Weight: 180kg