PASTA EXTRUDER - TECH-P150 Pasta extruder semi-industrial, for continuous production all shapes
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Pasta extruder fon short and long pasta - Capacity 150kg/h

  • Machine equipped with a horizontal or vertical head

  • Access to the perissage tank, by a stainless steel staircase

  • Reinforced stainless steel structure, with housing for the refrigeration unit

  • Kneading tank 40kg

  • Direct transfer by hand wheel into the extrusion tank

  • Extrusion tank equipped with a vacuum device

  • Variable speed drive for the archimedes screw

  • Constant extrusion pressure

  • Cooling of the extrusion neck, by water circuit or by cooling unit (optional)

  • Vertical extrusion head (optional)

  • Electronic circular knife for short pasta or timer knife for long pasta (optional)

  • Access ladder to the upper tank