Pasta extruder for all pasta, long and short shapes, fresh or dried.
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Extruder for the production of fresh or dried pasta. All pasta, long and short shapes. Equipped with two vats, one for the kneading of the dough, the second for the extrusion of the pasta, it is designed for an medium continuous production: the upper tank carries on the kneading, while the lower tank extrudes pasta. Then, simply switch the upper tank to poor into the vat of extrusion and continue these operations until you get the desired amount of pasta.

The TECH-S40, is one of the few medium capacity extruders, that offers as an option a vacuum extrusion vat, which assures an exceptional quality of pasta in organoleptic terms. It can fit any laboratories of research and development, for testing purposes, which can be projected to industrial pasta production lines. Another good option for an extruder of this capacity: the automatic pasta cutter with speed variator, for an accurate cutting of long pasta.

Production: approximately 40 kg/h

2 vats: 1 for kneading + 1 for the extrusion of pasta.

Capacity of vats: Kneading 10kg / Extrusion of 13kg pasta (semolina + liquid)

Many shapes of pasta to choose from our catalog



  • Electronic rotary cutter for short pasta
  • Water cooling device of extrusion tube
  • Pre-drying fan



  • Vacuum tank of extrusion
  • Cutter variator for long pasta