Pasta and fresh ravioli machine, with automatic rolling mill and ravioli machine, to produce all formats Ravioli and Tagliatelle

Combined machine for pasta & ravioli production  - TECH-160CA

Principle of operation:

This machine is composed of an automatic rolling mill, which produces a pasta sheet of mm160 wide and a RS160 ravioli machine.

The pasta sheet leaves automatically the rolling mill, carried by the conveyor to wind itself and a device stops the winding, when the coil reaches the desired diameter.  

This coil is then used to power the Ravioli machine or the Cutting machine, to make the tagliatelle or lasagna.

The cutting machine, allows to make long pasta of different widths and cut them automatically to a programmed length, through a timer knife.

Production capacity:

  • Pasta sheet: 50kg/h
  • Ravioli: 70/80 kg/h
  • Tagliatelle and lasagna: 50 kg/h

Dimensions: mm1400X800X1700h  -  Weight: 390 KG