Extruder 2 vats - For continuous short or long pasta production. This machine is designed for fresh or dry pasta lines.
Machine professionnelle production pâtes par extrusion TECH-S200 DV


Production capacity: 200 kg/h

Machine equipped with 2 vats: 1 kneading vat + 1 extrusion vat.

Capacity of vats: Kneading 40kg / Extrusion of 65kg pasta (semolina + liquid)

Mixer/kneader/extruder press suitable for all shapes production. This press can be ahead of a full line of fresh pasta or pasteurized pasta packaged under modified atmosphere, frozen pasta or dry pasta, with additional facilities, such as: pre-dryer, static dryers, pasteurizer, trabatto, packaging machine under modified atmosphere, for fresh pasta or simple packaging machine, for dry pasta.

The pasta extruder TECH-200 DV is entirely manufactured in stainless steel and it’s high reliable and well-made. It takes advantage of technological advances, especially regarding health and safety. All parts in contact with the dough, are easily removable for a quick and complete cleaning.

The upper mixing basin, is tilted by means of a screw driven by an independent motor; the protection grid is automatically unlocked during this operation, so the kneaded dough can be dumped into the extrusion vat.

The lower extrusion basin can be equipped with a vacuum production device, to ensure exceptional quality, both, when the pasta comes out of the extruder and after the drying process. The worm screw is adjustable in speed, so the speed of extrusion can be fitted to the type of pasta or to different qualities of semolina or flour.


  • Electronic rotary cutter for short pasta
  • Water cooling device of extrusion tube
  • Pre-drying fan


  • Vacuum tank of extrusion
  • Screw variator
  • Cutter variator for long pasta
  • Refrigerated unit
  • Loading plate