Tagliatelle nests machine
Machine professionnelle pour la fabrication de pâtes nids
machine-pour-nids 2

Nest machine TECH-500

Production capacity: 100kg/h

Production : 100 kg/h

Tagliatelle nests machine in different widths.

This nests machine, also known as niditrice, can be supplied with a pasta sheet obtained by a mill or an extruder.

The dough will be a width of mm500 and to work continuously, both machines will be equipped with a control device, which will ensure the synchronization between them.

Nests will be formed from a dough sheet. The resulting dough will be flat (and not rounded, as spaghetti): it will be "tagliatelle type" and can be in different widths, from the spaghetti "alla chitarra", of 1mmx1mm, until the tagliatelle of 5 mm wide or more. Only industrial pasta lines from 500 kg/h, are able to produce nests with rounded spaghetti.

When it is about producing dry long pasta, the advantage of the nests, lies in the fact that their drying is not sensitive to inevitable deformation, which occurs when the pasta is heated, even at low temperatures. Indeed the spaghetti or tagliatelle dried, require a particular treatment so that they keep a straight appearance. The problem of torsion and distortion of long pasta, is also reflected in the packaging, because once dried, not straight long pasta, is very difficult to pack, even manually. On the other hand, industrial lines, from 500 kg/h minimum, can be profitable, insofar as significant investments in equipment, needed for the treatment of long pasta, are offset by production capacity.

Elements of the machine for the production of nests:

  • Group of rolling, to calibrate the dough sheet to desired thickness
  • Cutting group, to produce the tagliatelle in different widths
  • Group regulation of nests, the diameter and weight, desired
  • System implementation and progress of baskets, for the the nests dropping off.