Machine to form nests of tagliatelle
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Production capacity: about 350kg/h


Width of the sheet: 540 mm

Different capacities of production depending on the models.

This niditrice, must be supplied in sheet, by a press or a rolling mill and the two machines can be coupled to a continuous supply controlled by photocells and speed dimmers. 

The nidittrice is an ideal machine for manufacture of dry long pasta, without visible disadvantages of the deformations induced by drying, that give long dried pasta, an unattractive appearance and make it very difficult to pack, even manually.

Only the industrial lines, are able to produce straight long pasta. It should be noted that the nests machines of dry long pasta, for small production units, only produce flat long pasta, like spaghetti "alla chitarra" or tagliatelle in different widths.

Composition of nests machine:

  • Lamination group, to calibrate the dough desired thickness
  • Cutting group, to produce tagliatelle of different widths
  • Regulation nests group, for diameter and weight
  • Implementation and progress system of trays, to nests dropping.